A Post For The Introverts: 8 Ways To Recharge When Your Social Battery Is Empty

You know those times when you are out in public, and all in an instant you realize your social battery has just reached empty? SHEER ANGUISH. It feels about the same as when you’re stuck in traffic and realize your tank is in the red. Struggling, searching, CLAWING for extra energy to talk to the […]

Are You A Complainer? Learn How To Quit The Negativity And Watch How It Changes Your Life.

  Here’s the thing. I’m the type of person that can endure a lot of crap. I can be in situations that I don’t like, and stay in those situations for as long as I need to be. I’m so grateful that I’ve learned how to persevere, because that quality has turned out to be […]

My Top Ten Best Self-Care Tips For People With Chronic Illness, (And Anyone Else!)

Self-Care. An important practice for anybody, especially those of us struggling with chronic illness. With Hashimotos specifically, studies have proven the strong correlation between mental health and thyroid health. Basically, if you’re under a heavy amount of stress, chances are, your thyroid is going to start flaring up. This makes being disciplined with your self-care […]