Got Brain Fog? My Top Study Tips For Students Dealing With Chronic Illness.

You know how you always rolled your eyes when your parents would told you, “The older you get the faster time goes!” Well, months have gone by, and then years, and in what seems like no time at all, I’m suddenly finding myself at my final semester of college. What a trip it’s been! And […]

Don’t Kale My Vibe: How Kale and other goitrogens and cruciferous vegetables can negatively affect your thyroid function.

Kale. I love it. You love it. Beyonce loves it. What’s not to love? It’s full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, makes your bones stronger, prevents against blood clotting, boosts your immune system, aids with weight loss, acts as an anti-inflammatory, detoxes the body, helps prevent heart disease, gives you great skin, and makes a mean salad. Amazing, right? Right. […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Selenium In Restoring Thyroid Health

  Hello, all! As I’ve been researching which key supplements are most essential to thyroid function for those of us with hashimotos, this one has been at the top of every list: selenium. Down below, you can check out how great it is at optimizing and restoring thyroid health, and how you’ll probably want to start supplementing […]