Poem: siren

you threw me over

sacrificed my love to the whims of the sea

i remember how it looked

the world upside down

watching the light slowly fade

with the memory of what i used to be

the darkness becoming more present

than my love for myself

i remember how it felt

to become one with the depths

the heaviness of the water

that held me when you didn’t

uncertainty weighed me down

but at least it wasn’t you

and now i live

one with the waves

the salt

the current

who ferries me away

far from you

sometimes i cry out

echoes in the abyss

so i don’t forget the sound of humanity

but you convinced them

to turn away from my song

am i but a spirit to be worshiped

an image to be lust after

and not a woman to be loved?

– a. b. martin

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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