Poem: Origami

You stole my wings
folded me up like an origami bird
The product of all your dark angles
and your two presumptuous hands
I was never created to be trapped
kept in your pocket
for the bleeding days when your needed
something close
Something to treat yourself for the dark
thoughts that would blow through like a
summer monsoon

But I was there
Penned in between denim fabric and your
hands that petted me nervously to make sure
I was still yours
At times I could still feel the breeze
tempting my paper skin to remember
how the wind used to feel on my feathers
Or catch a ray of light
slip through with the morning
And for a moment
I'd forget that I was yours now
That I was home now

But home I was
and like you always reminded me
if I ever flew away with the breeze
the darkness would win; I would turn around
and you would be swept away
consumed by the ravenous storm

So I'll stay a little longer
Be your secret lifeline melding together
with the dusty fabric
while the memories of what I used to be
fade with your denim pockets

Someday perhaps
I'll find the resolve to abandon
the weight of duty; I'll fly with the living
But today your storm is here--Today I'm yours
Closing tired eyes, I'll dream of flesh and bones
But today
I'll be your paper bird.
a. b. martin

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

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