25 Ways To Survive Social Distancing And Quarantine

No matter who you are or what your situation is, social distancing and/or quarantine presents some unique issues to each of us. What are you going to do to pass the time? Don’t you worry, your favorite introvert (what, not favorite? Okay…second favorite? I’ll take it.) has you covered. I have a blackbelt in introverting and a degree in keeping myself entertained in solitude. Or something like that. Sometimes when my life becomes crazy and hectic, my extrovert friends check in on me to make sure I’m okay. So I’m here to return to favor, my friends! Twenty-Five delicious ideas waiting to be gobbled up, with added options for how to make each activity more social. (For my lovely little extroverts currently dying at the thought of beings stuck at home!) Please dig in, and may the force be with each of you during your quarantine!

(1) Read a Book

Grab a new book you’ve been wanting to read or finish up that one you just haven’t had time for.

*Make it social having one or more people in your friend group read the same group. Then, meet on chat, facetime or phone to discuss it. At least see how well you can fake it. You didn’t finish the book, did you?

(2) Go Outside

If you can’t go on a hike or to a park, just use your yard. Listen to the sounds you’re usually to busy to hear. Smell the trees, feel the grass, grab a blanket or lawn chair and stay a while. You never know what kind of forest animal friends you’ll make that will later sweep through your home to sing with you, help you clean and get you ready for the upcoming ball.

*Make it social by talking to a good friend about the feelings and thoughts that came up after you took the time to slow down and be present.

(3) Workout

Get creative and see what objects you can use at your home to complete your workout. If you don’t feel like being creative, get some ideas from Pinterest or follow along a Youtube video. See how many pushups you can do starting out and at the end of your quarantine/social distancing!

*Make it social by sharing your workout set with your friends or setting challenges and competitions for each other. Who can lose the most inches/do the most pushups/become the most flexible/etc.

(4) Listen Through An Album.

Do you have a favorite musician but you only know the hits? How bout an upcoming artist you haven’t had the time to listen extensively to? Take the time to go through a whole album, (like they did when there was only records!) Bonus points for using actual records or obscure artists and genres. Surprise your loved ones by walking out of quarantine a pretentious hipster.

*Make it social by sharing your great music with your friends, or listening through an album at the same time and texting about what songs you liked and didn’t.

(5) Learn a new language

Always wished you had the time to learn a new language? Now you do! Invest in Rosetta Stone or Babbel and watch the time fly by as you learn a new language (and gain that much more value for your resume!) Okay, okay, or just learn enough for your next cringy Instagram caption. C’est La Vie.

*Make it social by speaking daily or weekly to a friend who speaks that language. As you get better give yourself a challenge to speak to them only in that language! Or, just learn the language with a friend!

(6) Bake/Cook

Try out that recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest for ages. Gain 20 lbs from your quarantine cookies.

*Make it social by having everyone in your friend group make the same dish. Share picks of your creations and rate each other’s perceived deliciousness and obvious aesthetic on a scale of 1-10.

(7) Call Your Parent/Grandparent

Hopefully you’re staying in contact anyway, but with the free time you have it’s a great time to check in, see how they are doing and catch up.

*It’s already social, but to make it more social, have your best friend call their parent or grandparent as well. Both of you can ask for an embarrassing childhood story about you or your parent, then call each other and laugh about your findings. And your grandparents can laugh about how you’re 26 and still single.

(8) Learn an Instrument/Song

Obviously, you have to have one sitting around already, but if you do, now is the time! If your neighbors come over mad, just give em a few fake coughs and you’re in the clear.

*Make it social and challenge a friend to learn the same song, or just surprise your friends with a bomb video of you shredding Crazy Train when they didn’t even know you were musical.

(9) Movie Marathon

Have a nerd day and watch through whatever your fandom is: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr Who, etc.

*Make it social AND stay healthy by watching at the same time as your friends and taking a sip of EMERGEN-C (or whatever lol) every time you hear the Wilhelm scream, the Imperial March is played, Legolas says something corny, someone insults muggles, you wish you were quarantined with Han Solo, etc.

(10) Achieve a Green Thumb

Hey plant killer! You know that plant in your house that just isn’t looking great? You know, the one you’ve ignored a few too many times? Do some research on that plant for once and get to know it on a more personal level. Get that baby healthy and happy. Maybe you’ll finally prove to yourself that you don’t destroy everything you touch.

*Make it social to see who among your friends can revive their most unhealthy plant.

(11) Update Your Resume

Always wished you had the time to perfect your resume? Now you do. Plus, you’re going to feel incredibly productive even if you’re stuck at home. *adds “apocalypse survivor” to resume

*Make it social by sending it to a friend and having them proofread it.

(12) Support Local Business

Buy a giftcard or item online from a locally owned business. They are hurting right now! All the help they can get is beneficial.

*Make it social by mailing your sick friend a get well soon gift from your favorite local store! Or send your crush some flowers and chocolates. Quarantine and chill?

(13) Organize Your Home

Time to rewatch those Marie Kondo videos! By now you probably have plenty of things you can purge from your closets. All you really need now anyway is your survival gear and your Mad Max Halloween costume from 5 years ago. There couldn’t be a better time!

*Make it social by taking your family on a virtual tour of your newly cleaned space. Plan a party in your updated home for when it’s safe to do so again.

(15) Write Letters

Use this time to write letters to family and friends! If that’s not their thing, write thank you cards to let those who’s jobs must persist despite threat of being sick, like nurses, grocery store employees and mailmen, know how you feel. A simple thank you can go a long way! Besides, you don’t know that your mailman isn’t just feeling the same way about you, too.

*Make it social by getting the whole family/friend group on board. Send each other diy card ideas on Pinterest and all do it on the same day, or each of you write something sincere about one person in your group and send it to them.

(16) Match Your Socks/Tupperware

Fun, no. Necessary, yes. The two things in your house that always loses it’s partner. Find the partner, or toss the single.

*Make it social by leaving all the unmatched pieces in a bag on your ex’s doorstep with a note that reads: “No matches found and now they just take up space, sound familiar?” Wait, what?..

(17) Paint/Draw/Color

No matter your skill level there’s something for everyone. Also, it’s proven to reduce stress levels! Reduced stress levels lower your risk of weakened immune system. Coloring = health. Case closed.

*Make it social by sending pictures of your art to your friends, or even send your art to your friends! (After you spray it down with lysol, of COURSE.)

(18) Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is powerful. It’s essential in staying healthy as a human. Try to spend 10 minutes out of each day writing down something or someone you are grateful for. Watch how it changes your perspective!

*Make it social by doing this together as a community! Talk weekly about your big gratitude moments of the week with your group. For example, thank Karen for finally giving you some space, even though it’s forced, and not being so clingy, for once in her annoying life.

(19) Have a Self Care Day

Paint your nails, do face masks and hair masks, take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine, cry about your insecurities, the works.

*Make it social by sending your friends self care packages. (Even better if you buy online from a local business!)

(20) Clean Out Your Purse

Find an abundance of coins. Discover you’re rich. Buy yourself a plot on the moon, where there is no virus pandemic–just cheese.

*Make it social by texting your friend the weirdest thing you found in your bag. Or take your friend to the moon with you. Don’t forget the crackers.

(21) Do Your Laundry

I bet even in your boredom you’ve got a basket full of laundry looming ominously in the corner. Just do it. There’s no escaping it now. Do it, you lazy bump on a log.

*Make it social by sending your best friend a snap of your weirdest/most inappropriate “laundry day” outfit.

(22) Adopt a Senior

At high risk are those most vulnerable in our communities, such as the elderly. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have families taking care of them. Send care packages to their door as a way to bless them and meet a great need!

*Make it social by writing letters to them as well. Who knows what kind of cool friendships can be started an awesome experiences shared just by reaching out. Plus, Gertrude just may buy you a new set of pants out of it, since yours are ruined with holes, you poor thing.

(23) Study An Interesting Topic

Always been interested in metal working, the galaxy, Egyptology or nutrition? Now is the time to learn all you can about the topic/topics so in a year you can go on Jeopardy and win, all thanks to quarantine. Or just flex on your friends with your random bits of useless knowledge.

*Make it social by finding an online group that shares the same strange interest and chat the long days away among your weird friends.

(24) Video Games

I mean if you’re a gamer the quarantine is the news you’ve been waiting for all you’re life! Play Skyrim 18 hours a day. Become way to engrossed in your virtual world. Isolate from your friends. Slowly morph into a Khajiit. Walk out of quarantine a furry.

*Make it social by playing online with friends. Then play with your furry friends once you’re out of isolation.

(25) Clean Out Your Car

You never have time to do it and now you do. Detail that sucker. Make her like new. That ’01 Civic never looked so fresh.

*Make it social by flexing on your friends with all the pics you send them of your babies shining aesthetic.

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you got some good ideas for your quarantine, or at least something to keep you entertained for a few minutes. Wishing you all the health and happiness! Remember to stick together in the midst of panic, don’t forget to thank each other, and always find a way to laugh. Love ya’ll.


Photo by Alex Bortolato on Unsplash