Poem: Moments In The Sky

There exists in time

Those beautiful few moments

In the sky.


Where the timing is just right…

The planets have aligned

Those moments just before

Day or night consumes.


There is the inhale

Of the dawn

Where the sun rises to greet

The sky who waits in anticipation.


And the great exhale

Of the night

Where the moon shows up

To cover the earth in magic.


Sun and moon:

We speak of them like

They are coupled


When in reality,

We see them together so seldom.


I wonder if the sun

Does desperately race

To the edge of the mountains

To catch a glimpse of the beautiful moon

Before he overpowers with his light


Or later if the moon begs with all her might

For her love the sun to stay

Just a precious moment longer

Before he disappears beyond the horizon…


But every so often

You look up in the midst of day

And there they are:

Enjoying the beauty of each other’s presence

For all to see;

Showing the world what it looks like

To have things figured out–

To have made a way

When it was hard.


And I wonder

Will the stars ever align

For you and I: Sun and moon

Destined to be together.


Will we meet in the sky

Values and desires

Aligned like the planets

Could we figure it out

Could we have our moment


Or are we only ever destined

To say hello

And good bye.



-a. b. martin

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