Roller Coaster Health Ride.

Hey all!

Hope to find you all well this October! Mine has been full of work, dreaming up some new ideas, hanging out with family and doing a few “fall seasonal” things. I always try to fit in “seasonal” days. It seems life goes by to fast and you don’t remember much if not. I’ll try to make a fall season post to share some of my activities this year, but today I’m going to talk a bit about health.

As anyone with chronic illness is fully aware, health is unfortunately a roller coaster you have very little control over. To be honest, I don’t write about it as much as I originally intended on, because firstly, I get tired about writing about being sick. And secondly, it’s hard to give advice when it feels like your efforts don’t have much of an effect on your health positively or negatively. My body just does what it wants to do it seems! Sometimes you do all the right things and you are still feeling worse than ever, or you give up trying for a while and all of a sudden you’re on the high point of the roller coaster.

For me, the lowest point of my health was when I was about to graduate college and was coming out of the AIP diet. (Read more here if you’re interested. Why I Quit AIP (And Other Health Updates)) I had never gained more weight, felt more fatigued, had more inflammation, and lost more hair than at that time. I stopped my diet altogether and just avoided gluten. I had to give up the gym as well for a while and just tried to be active. At this time, I started feeling better. Better than I had in a LONG time. The only hard part was not having control or knowing the keys to why I was feeling better!

The last couple months, my thyroid has been going through a bit of a flareup. I don’t know that I’ve gained much weight, but I am definitely more swollen. (During flareups my eyes get more puffy and my face is just more swollen in general.) Inflammation has increased, so I am a lot more sore all the time, and workout recovery takes longer. My hair falls out in huge amounts when I shower, skin is always dry, and thyroid itself often uncomfortable. I’m pretty tired and have to schedule enough time to get a full night’s sleep, but still wake up feeling very groggy. These are just a few of the things that go on for me during thyroid flareups.

It’s always a bit discouraging to be on the lower point of the health roller coaster. I’m so thankful for the health I do have, and all the things I can do. I definitely still live my life in a fairly unencumbered way! That being said, as I stated before, whereas A + B = C for most people, it seems like I’m working with entirely different equations where A + B = who knows what! It’s discouraging to feel sick, but more discouraging to not have answers or the steps I can tangibly take to fix the problem.

That’s all I have for everyone today. (Super uplifting, right? Haha.) It’s just a part of my life, and honestly, it’s hard for me to share issues with everyone if I don’t also have answers. Theoretically, I do. And I could write about those! But as far as the things that have truly, consistently worked for myself, I don’t really have anything solid to share.

Maybe you’re also in the down side of the roller coaster today, in which case I hope this post helped you feel not alone. And if you’re on the up side, I’m happy for you! Sometimes you just have to be real, so that’s all I’m going to include on this post today. Life is full of storms, great and small, and the trick is to find joy and peace in the midst of the storm, rather than letting it destroy you while you wish you stood under clearer skies. Here’s to a great autumn, despite whatever storms you face this season!




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