you wandered your world

carrying your broken heart in your hands

feet carrying you to places

you wanted to belong.

desperately searching for home

within a woman’s arms

you’d only ever break her heart

as you tried to pile over to her

the pieces of your own.


and just like fate

your feet found their way to me

arms open wide–

heart  just right for the breaking

you gave me your pieces

diligently i worked on your jagged puzzle

ignoring my bleeding hands

and your eyes that wandered

elsewhere when you grew impatient.


and inevitably, you left

looking for hope in dark places

looking for home in different arms

my hands, still bleeding

holding pieces of your heart

my eyes, looking down

noticing the fragmented remainder of my own.


you knew, full well, when you left

that your transient feet

finally found a home to wander in my head…

i think it brought you some peace.





-a. b. martin

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