Starting At Square One: Why I Had To Give Up Lifting And Why I’m Not Scared To Start Over

Hey there friends!

I’m just sitting on my bed watching the snow fall outside my window as I write this today. Every February for the past few years in Oregon, we seem to get at least a good week of snow and ice, but every year, nonetheless, it takes me a bit by surprise and leaves me and my un-snow-tired Buick stranded at home. But boy. it sure is pretty! Hope wherever you are, you are staying safe and perhaps more prepared than I am. Haha!

Today I’m going to talk about why I had to give up lifting, In my last post, Click here to read, I talked a bit about my journey with lifting. To cut to the chase, it was my senior year in college. I had been working my way through school, and was insanely tired and insanely busy in this season. It was around May, and since about September, I had been following the AIP diet. Though I initially felt better on this diet, due to a lack of variety, I believe, the diet had my feeling worse than ever. I wrote about it more in another post, if you’re interested in reading. click here to read  I was tired, I was sick, and although lifting was my go-to stress reliever and favorite hobby, my inflammation was out of control. During every workout, it took all I had to muster up the energy for the gym. After every workout, my inflammation was so bad, no matter how much I stretched or how much water I drank. I tried cutting my workouts back from 5 days a week to 3, but that didn’t help. I tried decreasing my weight and adding in more body-weight exercises and circuits, but that didn’t help. I started to realize I wouldn’t heal my body if it didn’t just have time to rest.

So, I made the decision to give up lifting until I could get my health in order. I started working on fixing my diet, first of all. I graduated college, which, naturally, allowed me to rest more. I got hired at an extremely active job where I spend all day on my feet, so even though I wasn’t going to the gym, it wasn’t like I wasn’t getting any exercise. Time went on, and my body felt better and better. My inflammation decreased, and I even lost a fair amount of weight.

That takes me to where I am now. I finally knew my body was ready again. It was such an exciting milestone for me! And although exciting, it was a really weird thought to start at square one again. I’d be going back to my first gym where it all started, only, seemingly, to be in the same place in my fitness again. So I definitely experienced a little nervousness! However, when I thought about it more, I realized just how grateful and excited I was to be in a place with my health where I could workout again. I thought about how much I love designing workout programs, and all the possibilities for myself, what my new goals were, and what I was going to do differently than last time. I realized that for once, I’m not scared to start over in something. I’m excited.

I think that was something cool to realize. A healthy lifestyle is something that’s really important to me, and lifting is something I love. So, although I had to give it up for a while, I always knew I’d be back. I realize that when you are passionate about something, starting over isn’t as scary. What could be seen as an insane amount of work becomes a journey that you enjoy. What could be anxiety becomes gratitude. What could be insecurity becomes humility. Life, in all it’s twists and turns, I think is a lot less scary, if I could view new corners as possibilities, and starting over as fresh chances.

So, maybe you’re like me, and working out is the thing you are “starting over” with. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, I encourage you to look at it as a journey, rather than an area you need to catch up in. I encourage you to remember, every time you feel nervous, anxious, or unsure, to view your circumstances through the lens of gratitude. Gratitude transforms “I have to do this” into “I get to do this.” It takes away the insecurity and gives you a fresh perspective and an exciting outlook. Gratitude is an essential element in starting over successfully. So let’s get to it!

Happy starting over!








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