My Weightlifting Journey: Where It Started, Where It’s Taken Me, And Why It Means So Much To Me.

Six years ago, I had just gotten out of a really unhealthy relationship. I was sitting at my kitchen table with a broken heart and a life I had to somehow pick up the pieces to, so I grabbed a pen and page and made a list. “Things You Have To Do To Survive.”  On my list was “Lift.” I didn’t really know the ways this would help, but I was desperate to try anything and just keep myself busy, honestly.

I had just gotten a job at 24 Hour Fitness, so this step was made convenient for me. I remember being so nervous to start, since I really didn’t know what I was doing. Most of my life’s workouts had consisted of cardio or body weight exercises, so I truly didn’t know what a weight lifting workout consisted of.

I started researching workouts like crazy on YouTube and, and began trying out new workouts in the back room where they did classes, since I was still a little nervous to come out and go to the free weights and machines with everyone else. I started really looking forward to my workouts. It was my time of escape where I could stop thinking and thinking and thinking and just DO.

Finally, I moved out of the back room and onto the floor with everyone else. Once I worked out there for the first time, I felt way more comfortable. Whatever discomfort I had was instantly forgotten about the second I started a set. Eventually, one of the bodybuilders who frequented the gym noticed me working out (let’s be honest, probably just wanted to save me from the bad form I’m sure I had) and took me under his veiny wing (lol) and taught me all about workouts and nutrition. I was learning SO much and having the time of my life!

And that’s where it all started. My journey from there would take a lot of twists and turns I never expected. One time during an open gym, I  had a really bad knee injury that has affected my training since then.  Additionally, I developed Hashimotos disease, which has made it a lot harder to workout, primarily because of inflammation and low energy levels. I always pushed through it, though I had to take a break for a while (which will be addressed in another post.) Despite all the set backs and challenges, I just feel really grateful that I have something I love so much and has given me so much more back than I ever thought when I first started investing in it.

Lifting gave me an escape from my mind and allowed me to feel. Lifting showed me that I am strong, both mentally and physically. Lifting showed me I don’t have to wait for somebody to bring me the life I want, I can start working towards it, step-by-step, goal-by-goal. Lifting showed me my biggest competition was myself, that I don’t need to compare to anyone else, just focus on my set. Lifting changed my perspective on fitness. All my life I had worked out to “look” a certain way, when it turns out the best part lifting was feeling my muscles in action and knowing how much stronger I am getting every day. Lifting made me appreciate my body and all the amazing things it can do. Lifting gave me a healthy outlet to work through a lot of negative feelings in a really positive way. Lifting is my competitive outlet now that I’m not in sports anymore. There is so much more I could say, but I’m just sitting down writing this after coming back from my little hiatus, overjoyed at being back in the gym, thanking God for such an amazing blessing.

I’m back.


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