A Post For The Introverts: 8 Ways To Recharge When Your Social Battery Is Empty

You know those times when you are out in public, and all in an instant you realize your social battery has just reached empty?


It feels about the same as when you’re stuck in traffic and realize your tank is in the red.

Struggling, searching, CLAWING for extra energy to talk to the people you need too….

Praying for grace while fantasizing about being peacefully at home, sitting in silence with a cup of tea, NOT pulling fake laughs and polite nods out of a black hole for JANET who has NEVER been so loud as she jabbers on about how well fit tea has worked for her…


If you’re an introvert like me, chances are YOU DO.

Sometimes it feels like life was not built for us. So many things are constantly tugging at our attention and sucking out our energy. Whether it’s the ordinary stresses of every day life, extra social interaction without time to recharge, or overstimulation–How do you recharge from it all when you’ve reached 0???

Here’s some of my favorite ways:

  1. Reading. I prefer reading over scrolling through social media. I find it’s much more calming, though it’s more tempting just to whip out my phone when I have down time. Have you ever felt anxious while on your phone and realized you haven’t even been paying attention to everything you are scrolling through? With books, there are less things to pull at my attention, and more time to get sucked into a good story. Sometimes a little break from your world is not such a bad thing!
  2. Working out. Honestly, you can’t stay stressed out for long when all you have energy to focus on is getting back up from that deep squat. Throw on some headphones and get in your ZONE. I can be around people and still recharge if I have my music on and am doing my own thing. How bout you?
  3. Create. Express yourself through output–in whatever way that looks like for you! The main way I create is through poetry, but I also love painting, doodling, and decorating, among other things. When you give yourself a chance to apply your attention to one project–it really helps clear your mind of clutter, sync up your mind and your body, and achieve something–even if you don’t fully finish the project at that time.
  4. Do ALONE what you would normally do with a group. Go watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see, take yourself out to eat, go for a walk, stroll through the mall. It can be so freeing to do things by yourself that you would normally hold yourself back from if you don’t have a group to do them with. You don’t have to be alone to get some quality time with yourself!
  5. Listen to music. Or don’t. Sometimes if I’m really overstimulated I just like to sit in complete silence until I can relax more. Other times I like to put on something calming and relaxing and just zone out. Noise has a tremendous impact on you–so practice being aware of what kind of noise is in your life. What music are you listening to that is draining/stressful and what music do you listen to that promotes calm/peace?
  6. Spend some quality time with a good friend. Usually I only recharge by myself. But, when I’m REALLY comfortable with someone, I can recharge with them. I think it’s because the burden of feeling like I have to talk or entertain them isn’t there, and both of us can be comfortable just chilling in silence until we feel like chatting. It’s really freeing! Having a heart to heart with one person I’m comfortable with is also helpful. I can process things at my own pace and understand they are cool with that. No pressure to be anything I’m not!
  7. Spend time in nature. One of the top ways I recharge for sure! Get away from the noise of the world so you can actually focus on what matters. Focus on listening to nothing but the sounds of leaves, birds, water, etc. And honestly, problems never really seem so large when you’re sitting next to the ocean.
  8. Go to a museum! There is something so rejuvenating about being having time to contemplate and be inspired. Museums give you the chance to walk around at your own pace and think your own thoughts and GENERALLY you don’t have to communicate much with anyone else.


Hope you guys enjoyed these ideas! I’d love to know some ways YOU recharge when you are on empty!


Much love,


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