The Importance Of Breaking Up Monotony

Life is busy.

There are so many things we constantly need to attend to–so many things demanding our attention all throughout the day.

It’s so easy to get sucked into routine, (a beautiful thing–and necessary!), but we often lose track of time in routine. Life goes by fast. It FLIES by.

One thing I know is, when I’m older, and therefore inevitably telling someone younger how fast life goes by (like we’ve ALL experienced), I don’t want to say it with regret.

I think one of the things that makes life so beautiful is because it’s so fleeting. We only have such a short amount of time on this earth to live, to love, to experience, to make an impact. Because of this, every moment is a treasure.

Of course, this isn’t so easy to remember when we are going through the monotony and routine of our day-to-day life. That’s why it’s so important to break it up and go EXPERIENCE something and LIVE in the moment sometimes!

Since I rely so heavily on routine, this is especially important for me to remember.

I’ve been working a lot–and realized how late in the year it ALREADY is. (Anyone with me?!) So on my first day off this week, I thought I’d break up the routine. So, I hopped in the car, picked up my sister, (who was down for a little adventure!), and drove to the Oregon coast.

It was SUCH a gorgeous October day! The sun was shining, and we basically had the beach to ourselves. There’s always something so calming and inspiring about the beach. Problems always seem smaller in light of the sea. Not only that, but in order for me to dip out of a fresh pool of creativity, I must have time spent in nature. I left feeling so much more refreshed and ready for life! I’m glad I took a day to live in the moment, to EXPERIENCE life and drink in the sunshine and the memories.

Do you struggle with getting a bit lost in routine?

What do you like to do break up the monotony of your life?

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