Snapshot Of Summer

Hey friends!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I stopped blogging for a while to finish school, work on health, focus on life, etc. So, I thought I’d post a little recap of my spring/summer.

Though I wasn’t writing, I was more than busy living life to the fullest! Since pictures tell their own stories, I thought I’d do something different and take you guys through a journey of a bit of my life this past spring/summer. Here are some of the highlights! 

Enjoy! Xo

Graduating Portland Bible College with a bachelors in Theology with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling. It’ll be one of my most memorable days for sure!


After every school year we have a spring banquet. Here is my and my baby bro (who attends the same college!)


I’ve never a worn a dress this fancy, to be honest.


Family was so sweet and took my to the Oregon coast for a week to celebrate both graduating and my sister’s birthday.


tea party
This summer my sis threw an absolutely magical garden party in her backyard! She is without a doubt the hostess with the mostest. If you love parties, projects, great photography and want to see more from this day, check out her blog! a garden party


Love my family and days on the river.


lauren anna
My friend Lauren and I on one of our late night adventures! 


old fashioned .png
At the Newberg “Old Fashioned Festival” waiting for some fireworks with the family. 




Me and my sweet friend on her birthday! We are standing in the Target parking lot, because it seemed fitting and many hours of our friendship have been spent in those walls. LOL

Drove out to Trillium Lake to surprise some of my best friends who got engaged here. It was such a special moment to be a part of. And what a beautiful day it was! Also, surprisingly, my FIRST time here!
My friend Princess and I at the cutest little coffee spot we found in Portland!
One of my many trips this year out to the Portland Waterfront. One of my very favorite places to be! I love my city.



Happy in my happy place. Was blessed to be able to get lots of river time this year despite a busy work schedule and a lot of transition!

And there we go! 

Hope you guys all had amazing summers full of life, growth and adventure this year as well. 

Love you! 


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