The Real Reason I Haven’t Been Blogging.

Hey friends!

Hope you guys are doing well!

Today I’m going to talk about something that may be relatable to some of you, and probably all of you with chronic illness or an autoimmune disease, and that is feeling sick for no reason.

Honestly, I haven’t been blogging a lot because of it–I keep hoping I’ll find the right combination of things that will make me feel better and then I can share my knowledge with you guys on here and help you out. However, I realize that’s just not happening for the time being.

This flair-up started around February. I can’t really say I was doing anything different from what I do every day. Eating the right foods, making time for sleep, working out, doing things that reduce stress, etc. Nevertheless, I just started feeling really sick.

First noticeable hit was on my energy. Like I don’t have ANY energy. I can fake it pretty well, but just know how much work it took to get there. Haha! Also, I feel I can never get enough sleep. I wake up feeling exhausted and it’s a struggle to not fall asleep throughout my day. The brain fog has been really bad too–It’s so hard do homework, focus, and remember things. At times it can feel like I’m a walking zombie, honestly. My muscles and joints have been crazy inflamed, despite taking time to have a good stretching routine after my workouts. My workouts, by the way, I’ve had to reduce, because my body just hurts so bad, as well as having the low energy. My digestion hasn’t been great either, I’ve been super bloated after just about everything I eat. On top of that, I haven’t been weighing myself, but I know I’ve been putting on some pounds, for no reason at all.  So there ya go! Fun stuff! Haha.

I’ve been so diligent to take care of myself and do all the things I know I should. I take time for extra sleep, I make sure I do things that recharge me, I eliminate unneeded stresses, I fuel my body with healing foods, I drink lots of water, stretch and take care of my muscles, work on joint mobility, rest my body more between workouts, I take my vitamins, etc. Yet, here I am!

No magic formula I’ve been able to come up.

No awesome tips I have to help you guys in your flair ups.

No breakthrough new tip to reduce symptoms.

Just a lot of doing everything right, and still feeling really sick.

And the truth is, that really is just life with Hashimotos. It’s a lot of trial and error and figuring out what works best for you. And it’s also a lot of consistently doing the right things and still getting flair-ups that can last a long time. It can be frustrating when most people can treat health like a science: a + b = c. However, for you, a + b doesn’t = c. You do the right things, you perfect your equations, yet you still feel like crap.

So I apologize for my lack of blogging and my lack of helpful tips. I will make sure to update you guys and let you know if I do find something that makes me feel better.

But in the meantime, I’m just going to be honest about my life, and maybe you guys can relate to how I’m feeling.

If so, I’m sorry! I certainly know what a frustrating road it is. But hang in there–keep persevering and keep doing the right things, even if you can’t see the results. Find people who will love you and encourage you throughout the process. I know how isolating life with chronic illness and autoimmune disease can be. Like, you may be young and filled with all the light and energy in the world, but your body just can’t keep up. People may not understand what you have to do in a day just to maintain feeling decent. You have those days where you just sit there and wish your body could be healthy and normal like the majority of people. But just know you are not alone. You’re never alone. And though your body may feel like it is getting sicker and sicker, you can still allow everything inside you to get stronger and stronger. I can say honestly that this disease has been a huge asset in producing internal strength in my life. (Though I certainly wouldn’t wish it on anyone!) If you need some more encouragement and positives in having chronic illness, check out this post I wrote a while back if you want. –> Finding Joy in Chronic Illness

Anyways, love you all. Hang in there!


ps. besides feeling sick, I’m honestly doing great! 👍🏼

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