The Anticipation Of The New Year And How To Be A Good New Year’s Resolutioner.

As sad as I am that Christmas is over, (believe me, the week after the 25th for my entire life I have suffered with post-Christmas blues), I am very excited with New Years Eve coming up so soon! New Years Eve is actually one of my favorite days. It’s a little funny too, since I usually do NOTHING exciting on this day. In fact, I usually end up working. But for me, New Years Eve is not about WHAT I do on the day. It’s the climax of the entire year–a day of reflection and goal setting. And that’s precisely how I like to spend it, regardless of what I am actually doing that day, my brain is turning wheels every moment.

So many people seem to hate on those “New Years Resolutioners.” They have a stigma, and somewhat accurately so, of setting a lot of lofty goals that are soon given up on come February or March. However, a lot of people DO stick with their goals and make at least a few positive changes in their life. Even if it’s one or two bad habits they change, what a difference it makes if that is consistently done as time goes on! And even if they don’t, at LEAST they are trying.

I’m definitely a New Years Resolutioner, and proud of it. I love to reflect on my life and set goals to constantly be bettering myself. I do this all throughout the year, but New Years Eve is the main day where I reflect on where I’m at, how I did on last year’s goals and my goals throughout the year, who I am, and how my life is reflective of that. This year, the 31st will hold particular value for me, as my coming year I feel is one of my most significant yet. It’s one of those years that I’m well aware will hold some of my biggest life decisions I will make. I’ve grown so much last year–and I sense this year I will experience growth on a whole new level. This, of course, won’t come easy, but with intentionality and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And this comes in part by setting good goals for myself.

Sometimes, it can be ominous to set goals. It might feel overwhelming in itself, or it might just be uncomfortable because you know many of your goals would force you out of your comfort zone. If you are wanting to improve this year, here are a few of my tips on how to set goals and make your New Years Eve more meaningful:

  • Write down a few of your core values. If you don’t know what these are–this is your first step. Take a few days and really think about the things that are most important to you. How have you chosen to live your life? What are the qualities you most want to emulate? What are the qualities you most admire in other people? What are the qualities that most anger you about someone else?
  • Once you know your core values, it’s then time to reflect on how you are doing living in a way that is reflective of these values. If someone was to evaluate your day-to-day life, would they be able to notice in your actions and behavior the qualities that are the most important to you? Are you pleased in the results of your life? Have you noticed that you lack intentionality in living up to your values?
  • Once you begin to pinpoint your actions in reflection of your values, it becomes much easier to start setting goals in light of your honest review of how you are living your life. From here I like to further categorize things into health goals, spiritual goals, financial goals, etc.
  • From here, what you want to do is break your goals down into smaller more achievable goals that you can work on each day. This makes them much less scary! What is something you can do daily to work towards the goal you have set? What is something you can do weekly?
  • As far as sticking to the goals, I haven’t ever actually set much of a timeline within the year to start hitting them. What I like to do is just start hitting all my small goals hard right away so that they become habits. Once they are habits they are so much more easy to achieve throughout the year. If this tactic doesn’t work for you–give yourself a realistic timeline to reach your goal–and STICK to it!


Are you a New Year’s Resolutioner? If so, what is your strategy for setting goals and sticking to them?

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season and meaningful New Year!


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