The Beat Of Life


Life beats on like a bellowing drum…

I can’t decide if it beats too slowly and methodically, or too quickly and sporadically.

All I know is that it beats, beats, beats…

And I, desperately, agonizingly, search for an escape from its overwhelming sound.


It seems as though when you want life to pick up its pace,

Or even just change the beat

The concordant drumming becomes even more pronounced and monotonous.

Likewise, when all you want is some space between beats,

Life drums on even more furiously and fortuitously.


The rhythm of life is never how we want it, it seems.

We pray and beg for it to change its tune,

We hold our ears in contempt.

Invariably, just as we finally adjust to its sound,

It changes beat again.


My only chance of survival is surrender.

Tune my heart to yours,

And let the rhythm of life do what it does

But let my heart’s beat be steadfast

As I daily seek to create a melody with your perfect sound.


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