Extra Workout Motivation For When You’re Just Not Feeling It.

We’ve all been there. It’s time to go to the gym, but you are not feeling it. Now, I’m not talking about when your body just feels too weak and sick, because we DO have to know when to NOT workout. I’m talking about when we know we are capable but just don’t want to. The coach in me says, “You do it anyway. Simple.” BUT realistically, sometimes we need a little extra boost. So here you go.

    1. Make a killer new workout playlist. I have playlists for cardio, lifting, hiit, yoga, squatting, etc. It makes all the difference for me, and is my go-to plan for when I am just not feeling it.
    2. Take some pre-workout or coffee. I like to reserve this only for when my energy is extraordinarily low. I’ve actually switched solely to coffee for pre-workout, if I have any at all, because the copious amounts of caffeine in my C4 are a bit counter-productive when it comes to overall health. Also, eating a bit of carbs is going to give you a boost as well!
    3. Have a plan. You know what they say, “A goal without a plan is a plan to fail.” Not only is a workout plan essential to hitting your goals, but instead of your mind saying, “I don’t really care if I miss that random workout, I don’t know what I was going to do anyway,” its saying, “If I don’t go to the gym today then I’ll miss leg day, and that will throw off my whole plan this week.” See the difference?
    4. Buy a new workout outfit. I’ll admit, this isn’t really an option for me any time I’m feeling a bit unmotivated, (#PoorCollegeKid), HOWEVER, I notice every time I do get a new piece of gym clothing I am that much more excited to work out that day!
    5. Remember why you started. Nothing motivates like remembering why you started in the first place. This is part of why you see so many people fail who only want to work out to look good for a certain event. Once it’s over, you’ll see them start to revert back even farther than they were before as soon as their special day or trip is over. That is why I stress having long-term health be a goal you discipline yourself to work for the rest of your life.
    6. Switch up your routine. Caught in a rut? Not feeling excited to hit the gym anymore? Maybe it’s time to switch up your routine. It creates new challenges both mentally and physically. Not to mention, it’s vital for muscle growth to switch things up once in a while!
    7.  Ask a friend to train with you. If you normally workout alone, try asking a friend to train with you! Not only will it be something different, but you might learn something new from them. (Side note, in the end, motivation is solely up to you to create. Don’t blame your missed workout on your friend not joining you!) If you are always working out with a partner, try doing it alone this time. Variety is the spice of life!
    8. Get dressed. Seriously, if you are sitting around in your regular clothes waiting for some magic motivation dust to fall on you, it’s not going to happen. Getting into your workout clothes gives your mind that extra push and prepares it for what’s about to happen. Get up. Get dressed. Get to work.
    9. Create more goals. So maybe you have a long-term goal, but do you have smaller goals along the way? Like maybe your goal is, “Achieve long-term health.” Maybe its, “Lose 50 lbs.” With big goals like that, sometimes it’s easy to get lost along the way. You can start to feel discouraged, like the work you are putting in isn’t really doing that much. To help you out of that rut, try creating some shorter-term goals to achieve. For example, “Instead of finishing my mile run in 11 minutes, I’m going to do it in 10.5 today.” Or, “Today I want to focus on limiting my distractions during my workout.” Or maybe, “Today I will try doing 5 sets of bicep curls instead of 4.” Creating more achievable goals you can work towards daily or weekly can be a total game changer!
    10. Find some new fitspo. I have a variety of bodybuilders I follow on Instagram and YouTube. If I see a workout that particularly motives me, I’ll save it for later, and watch before a workout. 

What are your favorite ways to motivate yourself when you’re just not feeling it?

2 thoughts on “Extra Workout Motivation For When You’re Just Not Feeling It.

  1. Rewarding self with a good book or automotive repair:) Instead of sitting on stationary bike, I’ll rather cut the logs with handsaw, wash the floors with a rag and bucket of water or do the laundry by hand!


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